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Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care in the Thorold Community

Keeping your pets teeth and gums clean and healthy is a main priority of the team at the Thorold Veterinary Hospital. We offer pet dental care in Thorold and the surrounding community. Our team offers complete dental services, including checkups, cleaning, whitening and more. We are committed to making your pet feel comfortable while we carefully inspect their teeth and gums for any signs of tooth decay, cavities or disease.

Signs of Dental Problems

If you think your pet is suffering from dental issues, there are several common signs to be aware of, including:

 Lack of appetite due to discomfort

 Red and bleeding gums

 Bad breath and halitosis

 Discoloured saliva

 Loose teeth

 Painful vocalizations

Whether your pet is eating their breakfast or chewing on their favourite toy, we will make sure that they do so without any pain and discomfort.

Call today to schedule a dental checkup for your pet .

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