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Wellness & Vaccination Programs

Pet Vaccine Programs in Thorold

At the Thorold Veterinary Hospital, we know that you work hard to keep your pets safe and healthy. It’s not always easy, however, to protect your pet from things you can’t even see, such as diseases and viruses. We create custom wellness and vaccine programs for pets in the Thorold area. Our team makes sure your pet has the protection they need to resist harmful infections and stay healthy.

Fight Against Ticks

In Southern Ontario, ticks are a common issue for pets. When your dog or cat is outside enjoying the spring weather, it can be easy for them to come in contact with a tick. Ticks latch on your pet’s skin and slowly feed on their blood until they become engorged. While this in itself is unpleasant enough, ticks can also transfer harmful Lyme disease to your pet. We can provide you with the tools you need to properly remove ticks and get them tested to see if they carry any diseases.

Common Inoculations

We can protect your pet from:

 Heart worm

 Lyme disease



 Parvo virus


To learn more about protecting your pets from harmful diseases, call today to schedule a vaccination .

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