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Complete Pet Care Services in Thorold

At the Thorold Veterinary Hospital, we offer complete pet care services in Thorold. Pet owners know they can trust us to find anything that could be hindering their pet’s health and provide effective solutions. We do all this in a clean and welcoming facility, so you and your pets feel calm and supported.

Wellness Programs for all Pets

We know that all pets are unique and require specialized care. This is why we are happy to create custom wellness programs for traditional and exotic pets that are tailored to meet their exact needs. Whether you need some nutrition guidance to help your pup shed those winter pounds, or you want to make sure that your iguana is living in the proper environment, we can help.

Medical Checkups and Procedures

If there is a health problem with your pet, the best way to identify it is through regular checkups. Our team knows what to look for, and can quickly find any issues with your pet's physical and dental health . We have experience with a number of different treatment options, including both pharmaceutical and surgical options . These options help solve any problem correctly and as efficiently as possible.

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